Table Roulette

How to play Roulette

To play you must first buy your Roulette chips from the dealer. To do so simply ask for: "A colour please". Roulette chips can only be used on the Roulette table from which you receive them.

The dealer will give you chips that are a different colour to the other players. This makes it easy to identify your winning bets.

Place your chips on whichever numbers you wish. If a section is taken by another player, simply place your chips on top of theirs.

Betting on one number is called 'straight up'. Placing your chips on two numbers is known as a 'split'.

The dealer will spin the wheel in one direction while spinning the ball in the other. You can continue to place bets until the dealer calls "no more bets".

If the ball stops on your number you will be paid out. Winning is that easy!

On a wheel with a double zero, if the ball lands in 0 or 00 all even chance bets lose. On a single zero wheel even chance bets lose half if zero is the winning number.

What You Win After The Spin

Stakes and Odds 1 number (straight-up) - 35-1
2 numbers (split) 17-1
3 numbers (street) 11-1
4 numbers (corner) 8-1
6 numbers (six-line) - 5-1
1 dozen 1st 1-12, 2nd 13-24, 3rd 25-36 - 2-1
12 numbers (column) - 2-1
Even-odd-red-black 1-18, 19-36 - 1-1

All stakes paid the above odds plus the original stake.

HOUSE EDGE The House Edge is the advantage that the casino (the House) is afforded in games.

What are the Odds?
The following figures represent the percentage that the casino would expect to retain on each spin given the normal pattern of play.

  • Single zero wheel 2.70%
  • Double zero wheel 5.26%

Dating back to 1655 Roulette is a timeless classic and the most popular casino game. At Casino 36 Wolverhampton we have 10 roulette tables for you to enjoy.

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