The aim of Blackjack is to score closer to 21 that the dealer without going over (bust).

At Casino 36 we use six decks of cards, unless otherwise stated within the club. Each player is dealt two cards and the dealer is dealt one, all cards are dealt face up.

The dealer will then ask each player to decide if they would like more cards to improve their hand (draw), or to continue with their current hand (stand). Players may draw as many cards as they like providing they do not bust.

An ace will count as either on or eleven providing this would not cause the hand to bust and picture cards count as ten.

If the first to cards dealt to a player total 21, i.e. a ten card and an ace, this is called Blackjack.

If the dealer receives the same score as the player this will be considered a tie and the players bet will be returned.

Blackjack (a ten card and an ace) will beat a score of 21 that achieved by three cards or splitting a pair.

It is permissible for more than one player to play the same hand however, the first player will make the decision to draw or stand.

The dealer must draw a card if their total is 16 or less and must stand at a score of 17 or higher, providing they do not bust.

If a player chooses to double their bet once their initial two cards have been dealt they will only receive one more card (totalling three cards in their hand).

If a player chooses to double their bet once their initial two cards have been dealt, they will only receive one more card (totalling three cards in their hand). It can only be the same value as the
original bet.

Splitting Pairs
When a players initial two cards are a pair of the same denomination, the player can choose to split them into two hands. Each hand must have the same bet placed against it (equivalent to the original bet), the hands will then be dealt with in turn. A hand may be split numerous times if more cards of the same denomination are dealt to the same hands.

Split aces will only receive one further card dealt to them, and if a ten card is dealt the hand is not considered Blackjack.

Side Bets
Some Blackjack tables offer side bets, should this be the case you will find the information detailed at the table on our digital displays.

Our tables offer the following side bets: -

  • Perfect Pairs
  • Super Pairs
  • Top 3 21 + 3
  • 21 + 3

Progressive Jackpot
Some of our tables offer a progressive Jackpot, details of which can be found on the digital display at the table.

The House Edge is the advantage that the casino (the House) is afforded in games.

What are the Odds?
The following figures represent the percentage that the casino would expect to retain on each hand given the normal pattern of play.

  • Playing with six decks (using best technique) 0.55%
  • Super Pairs - 5.37%
  • Perfect Pairs - 1.93%
  • 21 +3 - 3.23%
  • 21 +3 Top 3 - 11.07%

First originating around in French Casinos around 1700, Blackjack was first known as Vingt-et-un. At Casino 36 we have 7 tables for you to enjoy.

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