Big Six Wheel, Craps & Sic Bo

AND we have them on the bar in our Sports Bar & Grill, so you can enjoy the games while watching all of the best sporting action on the TVs.

Big Six Wheel… what is it?

Big Six is played with a Big circular wheel….

It has 54 equal compartments marked with seven different symbols, a Joker, a USA flag, 25, 12, 6, 3 & 1

The wheel has a selector device (“clapper”) attached to the top, which is able to come to rest in the segment that lands at random immediately beneath it once the wheel has stopped spinning.

You can place your wagers on the layout prior to the wheel being spun. The machine will announce ‘no more bets’ and the wheel will spin.

Whichever segment the ‘clapper’ falls into will be the winning segment and all winning wagers will be paid accordingly.

Joker – 50 to 1

USA Flag – 50 to 1

Number 25 – 25 to 1

Number 12 – 12 to 1

Number 6 – 6 to 1

Number 3 – 3 to 1

Number 1 – 1 to 1

House Edge


Craps (or Dice)

Next to the Big Six wheel is an automated dice roller…. This links to the craps layout on our Interblock machines.

You can place your bets on the electronic layout featuring all of the craps / dice bets that you are used to seeing…

More Info TBC

House Edge


Sic Bo

More Info TBC

House Edge


These three games are available on our ‘Interblock’ machines, these can be found just by the entrance surrounding the Big Wheel (you can’t miss it…)

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